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Transition Tips for Family Members

Transition Tips for Family Members

Making the Transition: 3 Tips for Family Members

Maybe you have a family member you believe would benefit from senior living, but you're not sure what's involved or where to begin. Here are some tips that will help you ensure a smooth transition for the one you care about.

1. Start the conversation

We understand that moving can be a delicate topic. But don't let fear stop you from talking about it. By having the courage to bring it up sooner rather than later, you're doing your part to look out for your family member's best interests, which is something to feel good about.

To make things easier, be prepared to discuss the benefits of senior living in depth. Offer your reasoning. Independent retirement communities like Atria Retirement Canada offer a simplified lifestyle, free from chores and responsibilities - a lifestyle that allows residents the freedom to live as they please.

2. Plan well

Before you make a decision, tour some communities. See what they have to offer in terms of amenities, services and care levels. Sample the food. Ask if they have a social calendar with community events. See if they allow home care providers to serve their residents, should your family member's care needs change. Addressing these questions now will prevent unforeseen issues later.

Making a financial plan is crucial as well. Though independent retirement living can be as affordable as living at home, do the math to find out what your family member can comfortably afford.

3. Ask an expert

Perhaps you already have a family member who lives in an independent retirement community, or you know someone who's made the transition to independent retirement living. Ask about their experience. Get their impressions of community living and find out how it's benefited them.

If you don't know anyone who currently lives in an independent retirement community, and you live near an Atria Retirement Canada community, we welcome you to schedule a visit and meet some of our residents.

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